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Take the 365 Challenge

This is such an important month for 92.9 Voice FM… and for you. Right now, you are needed to help create new stories of HOPE for people in Toowoomba and across the Darling Downs.

It seems that wherever we turn, we hear stories of sorrow, disappointment, neglect, tragedy, despair. We turn on the news, or read the news feeds online, and we see stories of famine, conflict, hardship, turmoil, pain and suffering, war.

A world where fear and anxiety, depression and divorce, addiction and abuse are seemingly ruling our lives and rewriting our stories.

That’s why, more than ever before, a voice of HOPE must be heard loud and clear in Toowoomba.

92.9 Voice FM is that voice… but you are needed to help amplify that voice so that more people can have HOPE written into their stories in the next 6 to 12 months.

There are two ways that you can help as we attempt to create 1000 Stories of Hope in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs… and beyond. You see, with every gift of $100 or more, a Stories of Hope Survival Pack will be sent to a mum and bub in a developing nation thanks to a partnership with a donor working with Compassion Australia and 92.9 Voice FM for this appeal.

Option 1: You give your most generous gift. Call 4639 4981, or give online.

Option 2: You book in and volunteer to be in the 92.9 Voice FM Challenge Room at the studios during our appeal days (20th to 22nd June), and take up the challenge of raising $365 and create stories of HOPE. You will text, use social media, call your friends and colleagues and urge them to donate towards your 365 Challenge figure and help you achieve your goal of $1 a day of HOPE.

Option 3: You take a plea deal and donate your 365 Challenge so that you never get locked up in the first place.

This month could be one of the most monumental months in the history of Voice FM. With your help, June 2018 could be the month that generates the resources and momentum needed to amplify this voice of HOPE in ways that cannot be imagined right now.

Will you join us and invest a small amount of  your time and a slice of your influence to help create new stories of HOPE in Toowoomba?