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Advertising Revenue is imperative to each station, regardless of license, location or format.

Writing and producing effective advertising perfectly tailored to each advertiser can be achieved, with a minimum of cost and no fuss. Here at Voice FM Creative Services, we look at each of these diagnostic points:

  • What is the ONE thing the advertiser wants to say?
  • Does the narrative/voice over suit the primary demographic of the product or service?
  • Can the message be wrapped up in one sentence, if not, chances are its too ‘wordy’.
  • Is there a current social issue, high profile sporting match or nationwide exercise (i.e election, public holiday) that the advertiser can engage the audience with?

In other words, ‘who are we talking to and what are we trying to say?’.

Voice FM Creative Services can be your sole copy writer partner, eliminating the need for full time staff in these areas.

Sample Audio


Crackerjack Chicken

Cosmetic Elegence

Garden City Tyre & Mechanical

Genius Removals

Glenvale Christian School

Monkey Business Catering


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